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1 About posted materials

Use of the site and materials posted on it means that you accept these terms and conditions. At any time, without notice, Saratovstroisteklo JSC may make changes to the materials of the site, and also reserves the right to change these terms of use. 
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Financial information, information about the products of Saratovstroysteklo JSC and any other information materials on this site are for reference only and do not constitute any commercial offer. Information from external sources that the company considers to be reliable may be added to the resource. But JSC "Saratovstroysteklo" does not give any guarantees regarding its 100% accuracy and accuracy. 
For these reasons, before using the information, opinions and content of http://saratovstroysteklo.com/, we strongly recommend that you double-check this information. Under no circumstances, JSC Saratovstroysteklo, management, employees and partners are not liable for damage resulting from the use of the site and its services. 

2 About links to other sites

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3 About copyright

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4 About submissions

With the exception of job responses, any information or materials, data, including, but not limited to, questions, comments, suggestions, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “the submitted materials”), which you transmit or post on http://saratovstroysteklo.com/ by email or in any other way, are considered and will be treated as non-confidential information and are not subject to registration and storage.
You hereby grant Saratovstroisteklo JSC the right to use all comments, suggestions, ideas, opinions, graphics, publications or other information (including, among other things, related to production) communicated to the company through the site. The company has the right to use the submitted materials for any commercial and non-commercial purposes without compensation to you or any other person for such materials. JSC Saratovstroysteklo is not liable in the event of the transfer of data and information from persons under the age of 18 years without the consent of their parents or legal representatives.

5 About damage from use

Saratovstroysteklo JSC is not responsible for any damage or harm, including, but not limited to, caused to the software and other objects owned by the user of this site as a result of access to and use of it, downloading documents, audio files, graphic images and any other information from http://saratovstroysteklo.com/ also, the company is not responsible for any damage to your computer system and data loss due to computer viruses and other malicious programs. 

6 About access

You agree that JSC Saratovstroysteklo may, at its discretion and without prior notice, limit, terminate or suspend your access to this site or any of its resources. 

7 About collecting technical information

When using the site, JSC “Saratovstroysteklo” can automatically (ie without registration) receive technical information that is not personal data. Such information includes information about the sections of the site you visit, the frequency of using the site, etc. Information is stored in anonymous form only for marketing purposes to analyze the actions of visitors to the site. However, personal data of the visitor is not saved. 
The stored information may be in the form of cookies (small data files that are sent to the hard drive of your computer from the sites you visit) and are used for statistical analysis http://saratovstroysteklo.com/. The technology helps to customize the site in such a way that it best suits your interests and needs. The collected data is used only to improve the site and is processed only in an anonymous form. However, with most Internet browsers, you can delete cookies from your hard drive, block any saving of cookies or receive notifications that they will be saved.