Glass with low-emissivity soft coating

Glass with low-emissivity soft coating

JSC "Saratovstroysteklo" produces low-emission soft coating glass based on high-quality float glass with the use of innovative technology for applying metal-containing compounds to the glass surface under vacuum conditions.

  Technology       PVD-method (soft coating, Low-e)   
  Quality     GOST 31364-2014, EN 1096-4:2004  
  Dimensions   2600*1800,3210*2000-2550,6000*3210 mm
  Thickness   from 3 to 12 mm


Energy efficiency of buildings and structures is a key global challenge in the 21st century. The lion's share of heat loss is accounted for translucent structures (windows and doors).

Glass with a low-emission soft coating produced by JSC Saratovstroisteklo is an energy-saving glass that allows you to reduce thermal energy losses and reduce the cost of heating or cooling, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the room and optimizing energy consumption. The use of glasses of this type is especially important in areas with cold and temperate climates, allows you to comply with building codes in terms of energy efficiency. Low-emission soft coating is a complex system of layers of metals, their oxides and oxynitrides of nanometer thickness on the surface of the glass, which have practically no effect on the transmission and reflection of visible light by the glass, but at the same time reflecting infrared heat rays. Due to these properties, glass with a low-emission soft coating produced by JSC “Saratovstroisteklo” freely transmit sunlight and prevent the loss of thermal energy, providing the required level of comfort inside the premises during the cold season and during the warm season.


  • Individual approach to the requirements and wishes of consumers
  •  Delivery by road, rail, sea
  •  Supply of glass for export in containers
  •  Top quality, confirmed by Russian and foreign customers
  •  Placing orders and monitoring their execution through the "Personal Account"
  •  Maximum neutral glass shade
  •  Ability to ship glass of certain formats without packaging
  •  Shipment on the terms of shipment at own expense
  •  Delivery to any regions of the Russian Federation, near and far abroad
  •  Compliance with European quality standards, availability of CE marking
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