Meet a new argument in the fight for energy efficiency in buildings:
  • Double layer of silver
  • High selectivity
  • Low specularity
  • Maximum light transmission
  • High energy efficiency indicators


More recently, to avoid excessive influence of sunlight on the room, used glass with mirror coatings. This way, of course, made it possible to protect from the sun, but at the same time people remained in a darkened space and were deprived of the share of lighting that is so necessary for a comfortable state of health.

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The world is changing, and so is technology. Mirror glasses are replaced by highly selective products. MF ULTRA ENERGY SRT allows a sufficient level of light to enter the room, while not allowing excessive solar heat to make the stay inside the building uncomfortable. Protection from heat loss in winter and cold in summer makes life in rooms with such glazing pleasant, reducing stress and improving performance. Highly selective glass is more energy-efficient than its predecessors, and at the same time significantly better illuminate the interior of glazed buildings.
The architecture of the future is unthinkable without eco-friendly design and the use of natural lighting. The natural appearance of glass without losing its innovative qualities is a new breakthrough in the use of building materials. MF ULTRA ENERGY SRT provides the best implementation of the most daring ideas without losing the high level of energy efficiency of buildings.

This was made possible by the technology of applying double silver. Of course, in the products of the series MF there is a layer of silver that reflects the sun's rays, but it does not solve the problem of solar heat penetration. The key to eliminating this negative factor was the use of two layers of silver and the placement of a dielectric layer between them.


Now, no matter how hot or cold it is outside the window, the room will always be warm and cozy without any overspending of funds.

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MF ULTRA ENERGY is produced on a modern line that meets all the requirements of innovative products.